Beef Stew Meat

Beef Stew Meat

Approximately 5 lbs., Grass-Fed Grass-Finished, Sourced From Adena Farms in Fort McCoy, Florida
$11.75/lb. Avg. 5.15 lb.
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Perfect for a warm stew, shish kabobs, or stir-fry! 

Statement from Adena Meats: We are committed to producing and selling healthy, all-natural foods – foods that are free from chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones and GMOs. As part of our mission to produce natural foods, we are also committed to raising our farm animals in completely natural surroundings. We ensure that our animals are handled with care and treated with respect during all stages of their lives.  WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT FEEDING OUR ANIMALS AS NATURE INTENDED. We ensure that our cows are able to grow and eat as nature originally intended. Right from birth our cows consume a grassfed diet by grazing on wide open pastures all year round. At no point do they consume feed that has been genetically modified.


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