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Grove Ladder Farm is a 12 acre, pasture-based livestock farm serving Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties. We keep a flock of 1000 laying hens, along with Florida Cracker Sheep and Florida Cracker Cattle. Our sheep and cattle are critically endangered breeds with a rich Floridian heritage.

 We raise our birds and herbivores on open pastures, with plenty of access to tender grasses and sunlight. Our chickens receive the highest quality non-GMO grain; our sheep and cows eat grass. 

Everything on our farm moves, which means that our happy hens never sit on one spot for very long. We rely on moveable electric fencing and our wonderful Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs to protect our flocks from predators!

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Tim and Chelsea at age 12!
Tim and Chelsea at age 12!

Our farm began in Sarasota, Florida with a backyard hobby flock of seven chickens. Since then, we have worked hard to expand our business, and we now raise over 1,000 birds at a time! We also raise Florida Cracker sheep, a critically endangered livestock breed, for both meat and wool. Our most recent venture is Florida Cracker cattle, another threatened breed with a rich heritage.

We truly are a family operation, run entirely by husband and wife team Tim and Chelsea Clarkson. We met at age 12 in our hometown of SRQ! Our four daughters, Celeste, Rosa Maeve, Guinevere, and Sunniva are at the center of farm life.

We partner with a few other amazing local family farms to ensure that we are offering a wide range of ethically-raised, nutrient-dense protein and vegetables to our customers. We love providing our area of Florida with the best quality meat and eggs. Our slogan says it all: 


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