Beef (IMPERFECT) Ground Blend 90/10

Beef (IMPERFECT) Ground Blend 90/10

Approximately 1 lb, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished, Sourced From Whole Life Foods, Lake Placid, Florida
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This grass-fed, grass-finished ground meat is slightly imperfect and being sold at 60% off our normal price! From Florida Cracker Cattle raised 20 minutes from our farm in Arcadia! Due to a minor processing issue, some of these one pound bricks of ground beef contain gristle. (For those who don’t know, gristle is small pieces of cartilage in the meat.) This ground beef is 100% safe for human consumption- its just not a perfect product. We’ve been using it for burgers and tacos at home without much complaint- some bricks contain a bit more gristle, while some contain none at all. It’s impossible to know which will contain gristle so they are all being sold at half price. More particular folks might prefer to purchase it for raw feeding their pets, which is a great idea!



Grass-fed Florida Cracker Cattle Beef

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