Organic Local Vegetables

Pick and choose your veggies by the pound or by the bunch to fit your weekly meal plan!

Aloe Leaf

1 Certified Organic Aloe Leaf, Blumenberry Farms

Arugula Bunches

1 Bunch Certified Organic Arugula, Blumenberry Farms


1 Bunch Certified Organic Cilantro, Blumenberry Farms

Cucumber, Suyo Long

1 Certified Organic Suyo Long Cucumber, Blumenberry Farms

Green Onions

1 Bunch Certified Organic Green Onions, Blumenberry Farms

Lemongrass Bundle

1 Bunch Certified Organic Lemongrass, Blumenberry Farms

Microgreens, Broccoli

2 Ounces Freshly Harvested Microgreens

Microgreens, Supergreen Mix

2 Ounces Of Cabbage, Radish, & Broccoli


1 Pint Certified Organic Moringa Leaves, Blumenberry Farms

Mushrooms, 1/2 lb Oyster

Locally Grown: 1/2 lb Oyster Mushrooms

Mushrooms, 1lb Oyster

Locally Grown: 1lb Oyster Mushrooms

Mustard Greens, Green Wave

1 Bunch Certifiedn Red GIatn Mustard Greens, Blumenberry Farms

Mustard Greens, Red Giant

1 Bunch Certifiedn Red GIatn Mustard Greens, Blumenberry Farms

Okra, Burgundy

Certified Organic Burgundy Okra, Blumenberry Farms (1/2 pound bag)


1 Bunch Certified Organic Parsley, Blumenberry Farms

Peppers, Banana

1/4 Pound Certified Organic Banana Peppers, Blumenberry Farms

Squash, Yellow

(1 pound bag) Certified Organic Yellow Squash, Blumenberry Farms

Squash, Zucchini

(1pound bag) Certified Organic Zucchini, Blumenberry Farms

Tatsoi Bunches

1 Bunch Certified Tatsoi, Blumenberry Farms

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