Organic Local Vegetables

Want to get a weekly curated vegetable box for the month? Sign up for a 4 week CSA BOX! Only want the veggies you know you love? Pick and choose your veggies by the bunch or by the bunch or portion size to fit your weekly meal plan!

Squash, Yellow

(1 pound bag) Certified Organic Yellow Squash, Blumenberry Farms

Sweet Pea Pods

Certified Organic Sweet Pea Pods, Blumenberry Farms (1/2 pound bag)


1 Bunch Certified Organic Thyme, Blumenberry Farms 1oz

Tokyo Bekana

1 Head Certified Organic Tokyo Bekana, Blumenberry Farms

Tomatoes, Slicer Heirloom

Certified Organic Heirloom Slicer Tomatoes, Blumenberry Farms
Avg. 1 lb.

Tomatoes, Cherry Heirloom

1 Pint Certified Organic Cherry Tomatoes, Blumenberry Farms

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