Beef - 1/4 Share (DEPOSIT ONLY)

Beef - 1/4 Share (DEPOSIT ONLY)

CLICK PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION - $8.60 per lb of packaged beef. Total cost will be *approximately $600* with an estimated yield of 70 lbs of packaged beef.
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The deposit for a QUARTER beef share is $250. Your price is $8.60 per lb of packaged beef. Your total cost will be *approximately $600* with an estimated yield of 70 lbs of packaged beef.

A typical box includes:

2 Packages T-Bone Steaks

2 Packages Sirloin Steaks

1 Package Short Ribs

2 Packages Rib Steaks

1 Packages Shoulder Roasts

2 Packages Chuck Roasts

2 Packages Stew Meat

1 Package Sirloin Tip

1 Package Brisket

2 Packages Top Round Roast

30 Pounds Ground Beef

1 Package Soup Bones

The primary reason that we've never kept cows of our own is that cattle are a big investment. Chickens and sheep are small-bodied animals: for the farmer, there is lower upfront cost and a quicker turnaround. Cattle are just the opposite. They are larger, pricier, and take longer to grow out.

But it has remained a dream of ours to raise our own grass-fed beef. By keeping our own calves, we can ensure their daily care and have more control over the end product. We can monitor their health and guarantee that they always have grass, minerals, winter forage, shade, and cool clean water. We can even prioritize undervalued heritage breeds and make certain every single part of the animal is put to use - even the hides!

So we've decided to give it a go. However, we fully own the fact that this is our first foray into cattle. Therefore we are offering our customers the option to purchase a Grove Ladder Beef Share at a bargain! Your Grove Ladder Beef will be several hundred dollars less than the average final cost of typical grass-fed beef shares. 

By purchasing your share in advance you help us cash flow the initial cost of the animal itself. Secondly, the meat is priced low because we are requesting your flexibility and patience as beginning beef producers.

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