Duck (Whole Roaster) 6-7 LBS

Duck (Whole Roaster) 6-7 LBS

Approximately 6.5 lbs, Pastured & Non GMO
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Duck is like the steak of poultry! It is a dark meat with rich flavor. Duck is an excellent source of essential B vitamins that are needed to support and soothe the nervous system. (In other words, this is a mood-boosting protein!) Its also extremely high in Selenium, a mineral that necessary for healthy thyroid function. If you've never cooked one, don't be intimidated! Chelsea jokes that if she can cook a duck, anyone can! Make simple slices through the skin to let the fat from under the breasts simmer out and roast it in your favorite oil or butter with salt and pepper, and let the famous duck taste come through!

These Pekin ducks spend their days lounging in the shade of their portable pasture shelters that are moved daily, giving them a buffet of fresh grass and insects; but also providing them with protection from predators like hawks, owls, foxes, and coyotes. Sunshine, fresh air, exercise, fresh greens, bugs, and fresh Non GMO grains produce the highest quality duck!

“You can tell that they are happy chickens because they taste so good. The taste and the texture are just better than what you can buy elsewhere." In her opinion, “You are what you eat. For me, it comes down to health.” Amy Rodriguez 

“It has always been a high quality product,” said Cuff. “It is really fresh. It is just more flavorful than other poultry.” Executive Chef Devin Cuff. 

All poultry are processed on-farm and air chilled for 24 hours before packaging. Our birds are never sprayed or soaked in a chlorine bath! Expect more dark meat, slightly more thigh and slightly less breast than a conventional bird. Giblets not included. 

Save your bones! Whole Ducks make amazing bone broth! This is a great way to stretch your food dollar even further.  Try one today!