Almond Mylk, Cold Brew

Almond Mylk, Cold Brew

32 oz. Cold Brew Almond Milk
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Locally produced premium almond milk, made with California Almonds!

Nothing like a shot of coffee to get you going right? Our "Cold Brew" almond milk has the smooth, rich, creamy almond mylk taste mixed with 3 ounces of our locally roasted organic cold-brewed coffee from Local coffee roasters LeLu Coffee and Banyan Coffee

We do not use any gels/gums/thickeners/fillers. Our products contain about 24 almonds per cup (compared to 4 almonds per cup with most store brands). If you are looking for a high quality, creamy dairy alternative, this is the perfect solution. And yes, it foams beautifully!



Water, California Almonds, Organic Cold Brew Coffee, Sea Salt, Probiotic