Mushrooms, 1 lb Lion's Mane

Mushrooms, 1 lb Lion's Mane

Locally Grown: 1 lb Lion's Mane" - Just the Lion's Mane
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Lion’s Mane, or Hericium Erinaceus, is a white, pompom shaped mushroom that grows

outwards as a cluster of tightly packed spines that begin to cascade downwards as the

mushroom matures, at which point resembling a lion’s shaggy mane. Flavor and texture

resemble crab or lobster meat, they are delicate yet meaty when fresh and after being

cooked are slightly chewy but tender with a slightly sweet, mild taste. Not only are they

a culinary delight but they contain rare medicinal compounds that have been shown to

improve neurological health, bolster the innate immune system and even fight breast


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